Yorick Upcoming Rework

yorickOh yes! The dead man. But he’s usually called as the Gravedigger. He’s going to be reworked and honestly I think that it is random. Yorick’s gonna get his shovel fixed and he’s going to be a spammer ghoul type person. Oh yes! Ghouls! Ghouls everywhere! Ghouls will be spawned anywhere around and he might be dominating top. You know what? I think he needs a bath to survive the league ’cause look at him! Don’t mind the flies going out in his surroundings.



Master Yi Rework

M YiMaster Yi,

Now has a different type of a champion. He’s very good in laning and very powerful in many ways. Yi now has AD ratios that can go OMG. But really, the removal of all cooldowns in his skills are very good. He’s now the new Katarina. New Yi now has very good damage from starting to the finish. I think Yi can be a very powerful snowball to allies and enemies alike. I’ve got only two word to say to this man: Wuju Style. AD power to the max!

The Killer Clown


The clown.

Shaco, the Demon Jester. Oh yes. This homicidal son of a gun is very weird in game and even in his splash art. You see, he kills everyone around him and he kept on smiling. The boxes are his magic. And he can create a copy of himself. He kept on smiling like nothing just happened. Oh just how lovely you can see his art in killing. Lovely and beautiful. Be careful though, he bites.

Let the Killing Begin

Jax, the Grandmaster at Arms.

Very powerful yet you’ve must have something in your mind. Love Jax yet you must see him like a man. I can see that he can carry anyone around. He’s very powerful and he has a very weird joke. “Imagine if I had a real weapon”. He has a pole arm ax yet he still kept on saying “Imagine if I had a real weapon”. Weird guy but love his acts. Oh yes, his weird mask cannot be shown but still, very powerful in the hands of a good player. Good luck with him and this PAX skin is unavailable now.pax jax